About us

China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is a world-leading integrated international energy company with businesses covering oil and gas upstream and downstream operations, oilfield services, engineering and construction, petroleum material and equipment manufacturing and supply, capital management, finance and insurance services, new energy operations. Among the world’s largest 50 energy companies CNPC takes the seventh position.

Beijing Soluxe International Business Co., Ltd, as a branch company of China Huayou Group Corporation, has various businesses in the fields of property management, catering service, building industry, decoration, tourism, hotel, and commodity trade. It provides kinds of service-orientedproducts for the other cooperators at an international level.

Our company engages in 81 service projects with 22 countries and regions in Africa, the Middle East, the Central Asia, and South America. Our subsidiaries are distributed in Sudan, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Algeria, Chad, and Azerbaijan. In addition, we set tourism companies in Sudan, Kenya, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and Algeria. This lays an important foundation for the steady development of our mainstay businesses.

We actively undertake exchange of advanced experience with other companies, in order to help build up our own brand name. Our company attaches importance on both staff and customers. Our staffs actively make it possible to satisfy customers and achieve company’s profit, with a spirit of team work and faithfulness. With the value of «Effort Produces Progress», we try our best to provide good service for oversea sites of China National Petroleum Company (CNPC), so as to accelerate the international development of China Huayou Group Corporation.